Tattoo & graffiti artist

Wase is an international tattoo and graffiti artist who graduated from Marmara University Istanbul. He worked in Istanbul (Turkey), Czech republic and nowadays he is constantly traveling and tattooing . 

Wase has his own style of drawing, which is characteristic of his painting. He loves details and working as perfectionist.

Participation in festivals:

Meeting all star 2006, 2008, 2009, 2011, The World Graffiti 2012, Casio Shocked the World 2012, BMW Fest 2013, Addidas Digital Graffiti 2014

The quality of work and originality are important to him.

When comes tattoos of different customers, Wase is an artist who prefers his own designs. Art is about making life unique. Graffiti is is passion and he is making all art with love. 


Since 2010 Wase working as a tattoo artist, he prefare his original stzle, which is for him characteristic. Art have to be original and creative. Wase has really huge experiences because of traveling around the world and tattooing.
Let your body for the real artist.


Since 2004 is Wase working also as Graffiti artist, he worked in Europe and other countries as well. He has collaborated with advertising agencies, filmmakers, and international festivals ... He also collaborated with the most famous companies such as: Addidas, Vodafone, Levis, Samsung, Hamleys, T.G.I., Harvey Nichols, Fridays, E.ON Česká republika s.r.o....


Originsl painting you can wear not just on your body but also you can have it at home. Here you can see a lot of kind of Wase original sketches, for tatto also large format paintings.
Also you can have original painting at home.